Faraway Forest,
Latitude Festival

Installation/Site-specific Theatre

JaneJaney transformed the arts area of Latitude Festival - the 'Faraway Forest' for the Wellcome Trust and Stonewall to the brief 'Neuroscience vs Sex'. The challenge was to bring together all of the disparate art installations that were displayed in the area under the theme to create a coherent whole.

The Arts Curator of Latitude, Tania Harrison, also threw a curve ball by wanting a 70s disco which could be the place for the after party following on from the headliner Kraftwerk. JaneJaney worked with the neuron shape stretching it throughout the forest and adapting it when it came to different areas. They also incorporated the consistent use of mannequins again adapting them for each different area of the forest.

The result was a homogenous theme in a very eclectic space. They also worked hard to make the area interactive for the festival goers.


Designers / JaneJaney
Lighting / Carrie Lonsdale